Welcome to Solomay Centre

Welcome to the Solomay way of life


Welcome to the Solomay website. I am Joanna Schofield, the founder of this system of therapies and treatments that could lead you to finding a whole other way to live.

Each of the healings can be taken individually as a stand-alone course or blended in any number of different combinations for a more complex journey; it’s all down to you. You can choose a gentle pace of personal healing, or you can embrace a faster, deeper path of self-discovery.

The exciting Solomay Walk Your TalkTM programme provides a holistic, all-encompassing route to fundamental change and self-development; a profound journey into the centre of self. It comprises five steps that echo the five stages of creation: Pre-conception, Conception, Birth, Death and Rebirth. The same spectrum of therapies used for my healings is used for the Walk Your TalkTM programme, but the choice is tailored to each individual. The programme is delivered in three ways: You can choose between an intense, group, week-long, residential course; individual sessions running over your choice of time period, or; when the bricks-and-mortar Solomay Centre is operational, a longer-term, residential retreat.

More detailed information on Solomay healings, readings, treatments and retreats can be found under the tabs above.

Essentially, the Walk Your TalkTM programme will start to break down the pre-learned mechanisms from a lifetime of control patterns: The Solomay therapies can, literally, change your life.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Solomay family.

Joanna Schofield