About Solomay Centre




Joanna Frances Schofield ‒ Director


I have been teaching and working in the field of energy medicine for over 20 years. I have a passion for the esoteric and many different encounters have brought me to where I am now, creating and bringing together the Solomay cornucopia of transformative, healing experiences.


During these years, I developed my skills to fashion a range of unique healing modalities. These were conceived from a profusion of diverse experiences including teaching holistic therapies both in colleges and privately, running my own healing cafe Raphael’s, conceptualising and running a dance/music festival Freedom Fun Festival, professional tarot reading, trade-marking my exclusive healing programme Walk Your Talk™ and the ultimate, rewarding Help for Holly campaign to raise significant funds that saved my sister’s life after she was involved in a serious boating incident.


Through this, and much reflection, I learned how to stand in my true self. I am Walking My Talk! I have created the Solomay experiences so that you, too, can Walk Your Talk.



For this bespoke service, unusually, I use a variety of guidance tools, including traditional tarot, animal medicine cards and my sister’s one-of-kind Magic-Being Oracle Stones. I work with my senses to capture the thread of my client’s blockage. Once I have hold of the thread, I work with this mix of translational media, weaving together the strands of information from each of them to break through my client’s obstructions. I believe this way of reading is discrete to me and I find using several tools is an extremely effective way to pierce through faulty belief systems where more conventional, mono-methods have failed.



All the Solomay sessions I provide are forms of bodywork and, like my reading methods, use a combination of treatment styles and types. These can include massage, hot stones, aromatherapy, cranio-sacral work, reiki, meridian work, acupressure, myofascial release, reflexology, chakra rebalancing, past-life exploration and my intuitive instinct for following and removing unwanted timelines that are hindering someone’s progress and release. It is my seamless transitioning between techniques to gently but persistently trace the lines of blockage that marks my bodywork as a ground-breaking therapy system.



All the retreats that I will be devising and running will hold the five-step healing Solomay programme Walk Your TalkTM at their core. The five steps are the five stages of creation: Pre-conception, Conception, Birth, Death and Rebirth. The same spectrum of therapies used in my treatments is used for the Walk Your TalkTM programme, but the choice is tailored to each individual and their needs in the moment. It is a very deep journey into the centre of self and, as in life itself, an easy transition cannot be guaranteed; it can be a painful, but truly enlightening journey when layer-upon-layer of emotional, spiritual, mental and societal conditioning are peeled away. I have the experience, practical knowledge and emotional stability to hold a safe, explorative space for you to undertake your transformational odyssey, realise your full potential and discover your true self.



I have united my spiritual and healing gifts to shape these therapies and systems, all of which I have been carrying out in private practice for many years, and I now I am focussing on creating the bricks-and-mortar Solomay Centre to bring all these options together under one roof. It is a very exciting time and I intend the Solomay Centre to be a centre of excellence for healing, transformation and creativity.


David Ikonomou ‒ Yoga Teacher and Sound Healer


David is based on the Greek island of Rhodes and is a yoga teacher and sound healer. He was first introduced to yoga whilst travelling in India in the 1990’s, started classes in the year 2000, and became a certified practitioner in 2010. He has explored many different styles of yoga including Hatha, Astanga Vinyasa and Vipassana and places great emphasis on awareness, breathing and alignment.

David also has a very keen interest in music and the healing application of sound. He uses all the facets of sound to create harmonious music, whether that be by articulation through sacred language or by raw, archaic gong and didgeridoo resonances. As an integral part of the Solomay retreat programme, he will be using sound to raise the vibration of the space for the group and so transform the vibration of the physical and energetic body; the energy field of the whole area can be cleared and raised in this way too.

David is excited to be part of the Solomay healing programme and is a gifted communicator both through music and verbally, as he is fluent in German, Greek, Spanish and English.